When you order scallops at Benihana, our goal is simple: to give you the fresh taste of the sea right at your table. Our scallops, like the ones in our famous Ocean Treasure entrée, have a rich, complex and undeniably fresh flavor.

So how do we serve up perfectly seared, high-quality scallops each and every night?

It Starts at the Source

Our sea scallops come from Canada’s Georges’ Bank, just off the coast of Cape Sable Island, Nova Scotia.  These Atlantic sea scallops can have huge shells—up to nine inches in length—and thrive in the deep, salty water of the Atlantic Ocean.

Fresh Flavor

Once caught, the scallops are immediately shucked and frozen within 45 minutes, guaranteeing their freshness is locked-in when they arrive at your local Benihana restaurant.

Searing to Perfection

When the scallops are ready to hit the teppanyaki grill, speed and simplicity are everything. The secret to preparing perfect scallops is just a quick sear on each side of the fast-cooking shellfish. Our scallops sear to a perfect golden color partly because, at only 78-79% moisture, they have a lower moisture content than most other scallops. Searing the scallops ensures they won’t dry out while cooking.

A Touch of Seasoning

To season the scallops, we keep things simple. With just a touch of butter and lemon, the natural sweet and briny flavor of the scallop can truly shine.


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