At Benihana, we go through rigorous training to make standing behind a 500-degree grill and flipping forks and spatulas in perfect rhythm look easy. While mastering these tricks is no small feat, it definitely is a lot of fun. That’s why we created a unique program that allows our guests to have just as much fun as we do.

The Be the Chef program at Benihana begins with an authentic, one-on-one cooking course with a master chef. The chef will walk you through some of Benihana’s signature dishes and help you master (or at least attempt) our most iconic tricks:

  1. Instruments of Teppanyaki Creation:

Start with a classic. Our chefs start out spatulas blazing! Get acquainted with your new tools by tossing around the spatula behind the grill.

  1. Spread The Love:

Once you’re comfortable in your newfound position, it’s time to get rolling, literally. The key to delectable fried rice at Benihana is the egg. Roll an egg (or two, or three) onto the hibachi grill and work your way into creating Benihana’s signature fried rice beating heart.

  1. The Art of Teppanyaki:

Learn how to properly sear and slice Benihana’s highest-quality shrimp on the grill. Then, swiftly slice off each shrimp tail and stop the show by tossing it up and landing it in your chef hat.

  1. A Trick of Volcanic Proportions:

After you’ve built up enough steam, our chef will share the secret of Benihana’s most famous trick: the onion volcano.

Invite in your closest friends, family and coworkers alike for an unforgettable evening. Impress your loved-ones with your newfound skills, enjoy a signature cocktail (or two) and share an authentic, world-class meal made by yours truly. Our chefs will be there to guide and share with you every step of the way with #BeTheChef.

Each package includes a training session, Splash ‘N Meadow entrées and vegetable fried rice for guest chef and guests, Benihana hat, Benihana apron, Honorary Teppanyaki Chef certificate and a commemorative photo.

Be The Chef packages start at just $200 for a guest chef and three guests. For larger parties, add additional guests for only $50 each or purchase a package for a guest chef and seven guests for just $360.

Get ready to grill: