Benihana has been serving their legendary Mai Thai cocktail for over 40 years. Four decades of recipe perfection have made this tropical tiki-inspired cocktail into Benihana’s most popular and iconic signature cocktails to date. The Mai Tai unites the invigorating flavors of fresh pineapple and orange with the warmth and spice of both light and dark rum.

Benihana’s signature Mai Tai mixture is created fresh daily and starts with the essential foundation to any tiki cocktail: light rum. The light rum is then combined with the sweet, refreshing flavors of Orgeat Syrup, sour mix, Triple Sec and Angostura Bitters. Fresh orange and pineapple juice are added to balance the sweet with citrus and create that signature tropical taste.

Our mixologists then shake this luscious concoction to perfection with ice and pour into a poco grande glass or Benihana’s classic ceramic tiki mugs with room at the top to spare. A float of dark rum is then added to the top of the drink to add a warm and spicy flavor. Once the Mai Tai is complete, a cherry and freshly sliced pineapple are placed under an umbrella to let our guests know this is one serious tropical concoction.

The complex mixture of rich flavors make the Mai Tai a dream pairing for any of our spicy menu items. Bring on the heat with dishes like our Seafood Diablo, Spicy Chicken Rice or Spicy Hibachi Chicken. Craving sushi tonight? The Mai Tai also pairs with our bolder rolls. Try it with our Las Vegas or Chili Shrimp rolls. What will you be having with your Mai Tai?

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