For over 50 years, Benihana has been creating the irresistible flavor of our famous fried rice to food-lovers from all over the country. This year, we decided to give our more adventurous foodies a bolder twist on our most iconic dish. Benihana’s Spicy Chicken Rice is back by popular demand. And it’s here to stay.

Starting out Strong:

Much like our signature fried rice, our master chefs begin by placing chicken breast and our California-grown rice on the grill. Once they start to sear, it’s time to pile on the egg and freshly chopped vegetables and mix with our decadent garlic-flavored butter.

Turning up (or turning down) the Heat:

After the fresh ingredients are combined, it’s time to bring the heat. Our master chef will drizzle Benihana’s concoction of siracha, sambal sauce, chili peppers and a hint of ginger to add a spicy-sweet flavor infusion. The best part? This dish is prepared directly in front of you. So you can see (and adjust) the level of spice it has as it’s made. Just ask your chef.

For the Ultimate Foodie Experience:

If you’re looking for a real adventure, try pairing this dish with our signature-entrees. Benihana’s  Spicy Chicken Rice is so versatile that it pairs well with every meal on our menu. Meat lovers can indulge their wild side while enjoying our Filet Mignon, while our seafood-fairing friends partake in our Ocean Treasure. Let us know your favorite combinations!


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