The Fresh Taste of the Sea

Benihana has been famous for its teppanyaki creations for 55 years. Most people think of beef and chicken when it comes to teppanyaki, however at Benihana, we have a wide range of high-quality seafood options that bring the fresh taste of the sea right to your table. If you’re looking for something extraordinary and full of rich flavor, our Hibachi Tuna Steak is the perfect entrée for you.

It Starts at the Source

We use only saku cut, AAA cut blocks of meat, meaning the tuna is fresh, moist and the highest-quality steak available on the market. Each select cut is perfectly consistent to ensure we are bringing out the fullest flavor possible.

Achieving High-Quality Flavor

When you order the Hibachi Tuna Steak at Benihana, you can be assured you are getting the best quality available. Each steak is cut to order and prepared right in front of you. We serve our tuna medium rare to bring out the bright red color of the fish and ensure tenderness. We then add a sesame seed crust to protect the tuna from overheating and give it a crunch to complement the tuna’s delicate texture. Each steak is served with tomato, avocado and edamame in a white balsamic sauce. The sauce brings out the rich flavor of the fish and gives it a hint of sweetness that will have you craving more.

A Perfect Pairing

For the ultimate indulgence, pair this delicate dish with a glass of our Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio. These white wines are an ideal match because they mirror the acidity and light flavors of the fish and also cleanse the palate between bites.