We know almost everyone has their go-to drink. Some like to settle into their chairs with a shaken martini in hand, while others prefer to sip wine over dinner with friends. While it’s great to have that trusty aperitif to fall back on, these spirits can get a little redundant. At Benihana, we pride ourselves on bringing the perfect amount of Asian flair and flavor expertise to twist those traditional drinks into uniquely flavorful alternatives.

We pride ourselves on shaking things up. Try these takes on your ordinary go-tos:

  • Martinis: Benihana’s 1964 Saketini is a fantastic option for those dry-martini lovers. Ours is made with premium vodka and sake and shaken with cucumber and plum wine to add a crisp and refreshing spin to the traditional vodka martini. Or, for those who prefer sweet, the Lychee Blossom is made with lychee purée, vodka and elderflower liqueur, making it easy on the taste buds. We love it with our spicier dishes, like Seafood Diablo or Spicy Tofu Steak.
  • Frozen drinks: The Haiku Colada is our take on the traditional piña colada, adding a swirl of fresh strawberry purée to bring in an entirely new flavor to the regular concoction.
  • Mojitos: The Benihana Mojito is a classic mojito with an added splash of sake, which makes the flavors both tart and refreshing. For those looking for a more tropical taste, the Exotic Mojito is made with passion fruit and pineapple, perfect for a little extra island tang.
  • Moscow Mules: Our Tokyo Mule is made with crushed cucumber, vodka, fresh limes and tasty ginger beer. Its clean and refreshing taste makes it a great pairing with our traditional sushi, like tuna or shrimp rolls.
  • Benihana’s White Peach Sake Sangria: Benihana’s White Peach Sake Sangria combines sake, white wine and peach purée. Its sweetness is a great contrast to spicier sushi rolls, like Spicy Tuna Roll or Las Vegas Roll.
  • Strawberry Whiskey Smash: The Strawberry Whiskey Smash is both complex and rich, making it a must-have for those who prefer darker liquor. Made with bourbon, plum liqueur, aromatic bitters and lemon, it’s sure to impress even the pickiest of guests.