At Benihana, there’s nothing our teppanyaki chefs enjoy more than the sizzle of a perfectly cut steak meeting one of our hibachi grills. But before we indulge our guests to that undeniable sound, our meat has gone on an extensive journey to ensure every cut we offer meets Benihana’s high-quality standards.

Whether sourcing chicken breast for Benihana’s popular Rocky’s Choice or filet mignon for our Emperor’s Feast entrée, we carefully select each piece of meat to make sure we receive the highest quality, most flavorful options possible and all cuts of beef are USDA Choice. Once we’ve meticulously made our selection, we bring the meat back to our Benihana kitchens to undergo two distinct processes: aging and hand-cutting.

Aged to perfection:

Benihana places special emphasis on properly aging our steaks prior to serving.  The aging process helps to preserve the flavor and juiciness without adding preservatives. Additionally, it gives our chefs more time to inspect the meat before searing it on the teppanyaki grill. Aging takes time and patience, but we truly believe the process gives our beef entrées their very best flavor.

Hand-Cutting the flavor:

Hand-cutting our chicken and steak is a vital step in the process to ensuring we are serving the best cut possible. At Benihana, our teppanyaki chefs present our guests with the meat before it hits the grill, meaning the meat is always in great condition from the start. Every cut of meat selected is lean, tender and full of flavor, making it ideal for grilling. Hand-cutting ensures that our chefs carefully inspect each cut prior to serving our guests, so that everyone – both our guests and our chefs – are satisfied with the flavorful result.

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