850 N. Plankinton Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53203

Milwaukee, WI

850 N. Plankinton Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53203


Mon-Th, 11:30am-2pm
Fri, 11:30am-2pm
Sat, Closed for Lunch
Sun, Closed for Lunch
Mon-Th, 5pm-9:30pm
Fri, 5pm-10pm
Sat, 4pm-10pm
Sun, 4pm-9pm

About the Milwaukee, WI Benihana

At Benihana our food is not only cooked it’s choreographed. Our chefs will have you craving for more as they slice and dice your meal before your eyes. Highly skilled and well-trained, your personal chef will entertain you as they cook such favorites as steak, chicken, seafood and fresh vegetables in traditional Japanese style on a hibachi table.

Although reservations are not required, they are recommended. Valet parking available on Friday/Saturday & holidays.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin Location